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Stalosan F

The multifunctional biocide

In addition to the basic ability to dry and break down harmful waste products, Stalosan F reaches further with special active ingredients that eliminate microorganisms and inhibit their metabolism. As a result, the highest possible efficacy is achieved, which makes Stalosan F an outstanding biocide with the ability to control microorganisms at all levels independent of the moisture level.

  • Stalosan F is a multifunctional biocide that provides ongoing protection against pathogens and harmful waste products during the full animal production cycle
  • The philosophy of Stalosan F is to have a composition, where all ingredients serve a specific purpose for increasing the animals’ performance and productivity. This is achieved through a concentrate of more than 95% active ingredients, which lower the infection level and control the negative impact from harmful waste products and elevated pH-values in the barn environment
  • Eliminates pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites)
  • Inhibits bacterial enzymes
  • Neutralises harmful waste products such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide
  • Regains a natural low pH-value in the animal environment and therefore strengthens the animal resistance towards infections

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Stalosan F
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