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Stalosan Basic

Low pH-value, high ammonia and moisture control

The efficacy of drying agents can be improved with the addition of special mineral acids that break down harmful waste products and lower the pH-value in the animals’ resting areas. This 
increases the animals’ resistance towards infections and improves the health status and 
 performance. This makes Stalosan Basic a more effec tive choice compared to simple drying agents.

  • Stalosan Basic is an effective hygiene agent. The combination of low pH-value and strong desiccating properties gives Stalosan Basic a unique efficacy profile, that reduces the development of harmful substances in the animal environment and improves animal welfare
  • The mineral acids in Stalosan Basic prevent the breakdown of sebum and skin and thereby protect the animals
  • Stalosan Basic possesses a highly active neutralisation process that breaks down ammonia and hydrogen sulphide

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Stalosan Basic
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