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Monocalcium phosphate

Phosphorus is of great importance in animal nutrition

Phosphorus is of great importance in animal nutrition. After calcium, this is the most common element in the body of the animals. It plays an important metabolic role and has more physiological functions than any other mineral. Fundamental processes such as the development and preservation of skeletal tissue, growth, appetite control, energy transfer and fertility are influenced by phosphorus.

Feed phosphates are processed in the feed to ensure the correct levels of phosphorus. As feed phosphates, monocalcium is considered one of the best absorbable phosphorus sources.

Advantages of the use of feed phosphates:

  • predictability in phosphorus content
  • show no natural variation in composition
  • do not contain an insoluble phytate phosphor
  • free from pathogens easy to dose

A lack of phosphorus due to insufficient absorption in the body can lead to reduced appetite in animals, insufficient growth, weak legs and bone defects, lower egg production, lower fertility and susceptibility to diseases such as osteomalacia, rickets and cerebral palsy.

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Monocalcium phosphate
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