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Math's Top Dry Complete

Complete mineral mix dry period

Nutriprof made in BelgiumThe dry period is a very important period for the next lactation. This period is not only important for a good recovery of udder and liver in the cow, but also the basis for good egg cell development is laid during this period. Fertility in the next lactation is therefore directly linked to a balanced dry-food ration.

  • Contains choline chloride and niacinamide for improved liver function
  • PROVIOX enhances the effect of Vitamin E (8,000 mg/kg)
  • Promotes recovery of udder tissue and a better start of milk production
  • A complete range of trace elements increases the absorbability: inorganic, hydroxide and organic
  • Extra enriched with vitamins from the B complex
  • B-carotene ensures proper development of the egg cell

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Math's Top Dry Complete
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