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Math's Cow Start

Reduces abomasum movement

Nutriprof made in BelgiumMath's Cow-start is a calving drink: a super tasty coffee drink with energy, minerals and vitamins for after calving. Cow Start is a combination of: Calcium, sodium, zinc, whey powder, vegetable fats, dextrose and rich in essential vitamins.

Calving is physically stressful for a cow. For the fitness of the cow it is important that the cow gets back on its feet quickly. Math's Cow Start from Nutriprof helps with this. Math's Cow Start ensures a high absorption of energy and moisture by the cow after calving. It stimulates muscle activity and reduces stress. This makes the cow fit faster and stimulates feed intake. The better the cow starts after calving, the better the animal health. In the end, this all benefits the milk production.

Benefits Math's Cow Start

  • Tasty energy drink
  • Vitaminated supplementary feed for individual administration to freshly calved milk and meat cows
  • Contributes to good bowel health and resistance
  • Contains dextrose (grape sugar) an easily absorbable energy source
  • Stimulates the feed intake after birth

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Math's Cow Start
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