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Math's Colostro IBR Free

Lamb rearing

What is colostrum?

Before the milk glands of the cow start to secrete milk, colostrum is formed first.

This colostrum is packed with proteins and other important ingredients. It is important that the calf receives this colostrum, since the animal itself has few antibodies. The constituents in the colostrum are also important for the stimulation of growth, in addition to strengthening their own immune system. In addition, the colostrum is important when starting the digestion at the calf.

If a cow has been in contact with IBR, antibodies occur in the blood and in the milk of the cow, so the calf also receives IBR antibodies. To prevent this, the calf must be removed from the cow immediately after birth and provided with Math's Colostro IBR-Free for the first 2 days. After that, you can switch to artificial milk. Bulls intended for AI stations should be raised IBR-free.

Instructions for use Math's Colostro IBR-Free

Immediately after birth navel disinfect and 160 gram Math's Colostro IBR-Free dilute in 2 liters warm water and provide the calf. Then repeat this process after 12 and 24 hours. After this colostrum period switch to artificial milk.

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Math's Colostro IBR Free
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