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Math's BUF Balance

Powerful, wide rumen buffer with live yeasts

Nutriprof made in BelgiumHighly productive dairy cattle performs best between a temperature of 6 ° C and 20 ° C and a low relative humidity (= highest dry matter intake and milk production). At an ambient temperature of> 21 ° C and a relative humidity of ≥ 45%, forage intake and milk production decreases. We call this the 'threshold for HEATSTRESS'. BUF Balance has been developed to minimize the negative effects of environmental conditions.

Math's BUF Balance is a high-quality buffer that starts working immediately after administration, but also has a long-term effect.

  • Neutralises the acidity of the rumen, increases the pH
  • Effective at lower doses than conventional rumen buffers Increases the absorption of dry matter
  • Improves animal performance; maintain or improve the quality of the milk
  • Works quickly and efficiently with heat stress problems

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Math's BUF Balance
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