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Glycerol 80% 

Non-GMO feed quality

Glycerol is a high-viscosity liquid and is released during the production of biodiesel from vegetable oil. It tastes sweet and is hygroscopic. Glycerol is a brown and slightly clear liquid with a sweet taste. The unrefined end product delivers Nutriprof as Glycerol 80% Non GMO feedgrade.

What does Glycerol do in ruminants?

Glycerol (or less correctly Glycerin) stimulates the production of propionic acid in the rumen at the expense of acetic acid. This process ensures that the energy utilization of ruminants is improved across the board. This leads to considerably higher feed intake.

Studies show that the addition of half to one kilo of glycerol leads to better feed conversion in cows. Glycerol also plays a role in treating or preventing trailing milk disease. In both cases of administration, the milk production of the cows increases. Furthermore, glycerol ensures a lower protein breakdown in the rumen. This leads to a reduction in the urea content in the milk.

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Glycerol 80% 
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