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Nutriprof COVID19 plan

18 march 2020

Nutriprof COVID19 plan

Dear customer,

At Nutriprof we put the health and safety of our employees and customers as our number 1 priority. All of our employees are all in good health and working hard to fulfill the needs of our customers and a continued supply to the food chain. To contribute the maximum to a healthy world and reduce the impact of COVID19, Nutriprof has in recent days introduced the following contingency plan as well as measures for our employees in relation to daily operations, including goods incoming, goods dispatch (including loading and driver handling), production, order desk.

  1. Employees who can work from home have been equipped accordingly and are currently working from home.
  2. All employees have been informed to remain separated by department (i.e. Production and Order Desk), a distance of 1,5 mtr. between each other and keep all breaks in the production/warehouse or order desk  specified toilets/changing rooms/canteen (no change to current procedures).
  3. Requirement for document transfer between departments to be made by appointed warehouse clerk only.  An isolated room is used as document station (timings as per current schedule – no changes to current schedule).
  4. Shift team/Work clothes changeover to avoid being done at the same time and contact limited between changeover of shifts. Changing does not take place at the same time as the team being replaced. Employees who have crossover of shifts to minimize contact and keep breaks separated.
  5. All doors for office (incl. front door), storage and production are to be locked (no changes to current procedures). No admittance of any external person to the factory/building.
  6. Loading and unloading is done with minimal contact to the driver. We handle drivers with the utmost respect, all inquiries are done at loading docks desk, which has been made into an isolated zone and the paperwork is handled by warehouse/production, the driver must be at a proper distance of all employees, and all employees pay attention not to be too close to the driver. Many drivers operate both domestic and abroad so we communicate with them properly at a distance.
  7. Daily follow-up meetings to be postponed/minimized and separated between shifts/ departments.  Meetings required between departments should be limited and are be handled over phone/email/Microsoft Teams.
  8. Signage has been posted from the central team around the Corona-Virus situation on all entrance doors, as well as production lines, loading areas, offices, canteens, etc.
  9. We follow closely the guidelines and directions from BFA (Belgium Feed Association) and information from government.

We ask you for your support when your driver or the driver of your transport company visits our facility.

If you have any further questions, please contact me or your Nutriprof representative.

Best regards,

Boudewijn Morelissen
General Manager Nutriprof Sprl

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