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Improvement of mineral range!

15 october 2019

Improvement of mineral range!

The need for minerals, trace elements and vitamins is directly proportional to the production level of our dairy cattle. Recent research shows that the standards that we currently use for our highly productive cattle are on the tight side. We have therefore implemented an upgrade for the most important trace elements in a number of mineral mixtures.

For copper, zinc and manganese, we currently use both the inorganic (sulfate) and organic (chelate) forms. The hydroxide form for these trace elements appears to be a third "new generation" of trace elements that is approximately at the level of the organic trace elements in terms of absorbability. By working with the 3 forms (inorganic, organic and hydroxide) we have an even better utilization in the animal.

Addition of vitamins B-complex

It was also assumed that the vitamins from the B complex were sufficiently produced in the rumen. Highly productive cows usually also have a faster passage speed in the rumen. In addition, we often see subclinical pensacidosis in highly productive cows, which jeopardizes the formation of the B-complex vitamins. Blood analyzes show that these vitamins are sometimes below the minimum standard. In a number of mineral mixtures, we have therefore decided to also add the vitamins from the B complex.  

These adjustments have been made to the products below:

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