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Press buckets

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Here a mixture * of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and cane sugar molasses is pressed into a bucket. The products ** are characterized by high mineral content and good palatability.

Lick buckets are not only used in the pasture, but also in the barn. There, these products are often used as a sort of 'Barometer' of the feed: if a bucket is emptied too quickly, this often indicates that there are insufficient minerals available in the feed. If the bucket is emptied very slowly, it is probably possible to save on the feed costs.

Press buckets can be supplied in luxurious and strong 15 or 18 Lt round buckets of 20-25 Kg per bucket.

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*) Also yeasts, additives, fats and other additives can be added to the mixture
**) All lick buckets and other Nutriprof products are always Non-GMO

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Press buckets
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