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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nutriprof also make products on our specification?
Certainly! We specialize in producing tailor-made products, possibly with a premix supplied by the customer. Of course we are somewhat dependent on the stocks of raw materials we keep.


Can our logo be printed on the bag, water bottle or bucket?  
No problem for us not only to provide the bucket or bag with the customer's logo; the label is also printed by us and can be fully implemented in the 'look and feel' of your company.



What is Nutriprof's relationship with Provimi / Cargill?
What is Nutriprof's relationship Previously, Nutriprof's business activities were part of Cargill. However, since 2015, Nutriprof is a fully independent producer and distributor of a wide range of mineral products, specifically aimed at ruminants and horses.with Provimi / Cargill? 

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