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Nutriprof works according to the strict feed safety rules. As a purveyor to large international animal feed companies, we are a trusted partner.


Nutriprof and its legal predecessors have been GMP approved for years. The GMP code is a quality system and is part of the IKB system. This IKB system ensures that the production and all links within the chain are checked. Since 1996, Nutriprof has also been recognized as HACCP (GMP +). A new GMP + scheme came into effect in June 2015. In this system we are certified for GMP B01 (Production and processing of feeds for farm animals).



The QS-quality mark stands for certified quality assurance of fresh food - from farm to shop! Whether it concerns meat, meat products, fruit, vegetables or potatoes - food with the QS quality mark has a carefully documented and monitored life cycle. That is why the path of a piece of meat from the owner of the animals through slaughterhouse and butcher, and for fruit and vegetables from the producer through the wholesaler to the shop is clearly traceable.

The quality plan for food covers all stages of the food chain. Strict rules apply to all participating companies, for example in the field of traceability and hygiene. Auditors and independent certification bodies regularly check whether all requirements have been met.

In 2003, Nutriprof obtained the German QS and A-futter certificate.

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