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In-house we produce a complete range of lick blocks, minerals, specialities and liquid animal nutrition supplements. We also pack (bulk) raw materials in 25 kg bags or big bags. From our modern, 4000 m2 production and distribution center, we produce both pressed and cast products on 2 production lines.

In addition to more than 150 dealers, Nutriprof also supplies these products to leading compound feed companies, whether or not as a private label in their own style and formulation.

Many types of packaging are possible from handy 10 kilo plastic scales, the popular 25 kg buckets and 70 kg tubs up to 500 kg blocks in cardboard.

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Nutriprof is the undisputed market leader in private label lick blocks for the compound feed industry. We deliver not only throughout Europe, but also outside. Nutriprof provides, if you wish, complete logistics from door to door, even directly to your customer. This saves you logistical and administrative costs and also keeps your working capital and delivery times limited. Nutriprof is VLOG and GMP + certified and also certified to produce biological blocks. Are you interested in lick blocks in your house style, please contact us.

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Although Nutriprof is directly or indirectly active in many countries, we are still looking for agents and distributors in a number of countries inside and outside Europe. If this is your interest and you are a professional party with a leading position in your country or region, please contact via info@nutriprof.be.

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