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Nutriprof dealers are successful partners of the farmer; not only with feed supplements, but often with a wide range of products and services for agriculture and animal husbandry. It is precisely here that cooperation with Nutriprof proves its usefulness.

Our specialists know the signals of your cow like no other; a deep knowledge of our productrange and how to combine with your other products.

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Nutriprof offers:

  • 2nd line technical support on location at professional livestock farms
  • Marketing material and support to bring you to the attention of your customers
  • Present at your exhibition and conference participations
  • Technical and commercial team training, farm management, nutrition and health; not only for Nutriprof products
  • Sponsorship of your events through special promotional activities
  • Online order tool with access to all kinds of up-to-date information
  • All products in stock, ready for <48 hours delivery
  • Logistic service directly on the farm: pallets with different products specifically designed for your customer
  • Complete portfolio both in Math's and / or private label
  • Customix; a unique range of special 'crum' minerals specifically composed according to the specific formulation of each individual end user

The 3 promises of Nutriprof

  • Highest quality products
  • Reliable
  • Attractive prices

We have only achieved our goal if you rightly feel like a "happy dealer". 

Wide product range

Nutriprof is the leading producer of cattle minerals, salt punners and liquid nutritional supplements. In order to fulfill the above promise, we deliver a wide range of performance enhancing, curative and preventive products. All our products are Non-GMO and we also offer a range of products that are suitable for organic livestock farming.

Custom made packaging

How visible is your brand or company name at the cattle farm? Nutriprof can produce your specialties, supplements and other non-bulk products in your house style. Did you know that a solid bucket, such as Nutriprof used in the production of salt buckets, has been used for several years in a yard? Every day the farmer walks through his farm, he is reminded of his feed supplier and the choice he has made to work with you.

Therefore, increase your recognisability on the farm with your own brand of products. Although the licking bucket is perhaps the most famous example, we also produce a wide range of supplements, minerals and specialties under private label, in your own packaging. 

Around 60% of our production is sold as a private label.

All Private Label products


Of course, Nutriprof is affiliated with leading quality assurance bodies such as VLOG, GMP+, Pastus and QS. We let us, audaciously, pass audits  SGS.


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