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Nutriprof originated from the Comptoir de Gives, founded in 1975, near Huy, Belgium.

After several times in various hands to come, in 2002 Provimi takes over the company that in the meantime received the name Protector. In 2007, Provimi moved both its own lick bin production in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the Protector production near Huy to a completely new location in Villers-le-Bouillet, Nutriprof's current production location and office.

In 2011, Provimi was taken over by Cargill and the name Protector in Provimi Belgium NV also changed.

In 2015, the activities of Provimi Belgium NV become independent and the company becomes privately owned and continues under the name Nutriprof.



Nutriprof takes over the company and becomes an independent company again
Provimi is taken over by Cargill
Provimi integrates the company into its West European activities and the name is changed to Provimi Belgium S.A.
Protector moves from Gives naar Villers-Le-Bouillet to the other side of the rivier Maas
Provimi takes over the company that has now been given the name Protector
Comptoir de Gives close to Huy, Belgium is founded
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