We deliver farmer happiness

Nutriprof assists the farmer with a high-quality assortment, expert advice and attractive prices, for the healthy development of your company.

Nutriprof, together with some 150 dealers, supplies a wide range of products such as minerals, base mixes, calf milking and specialties to the livestock and compound feed industry.

By cooperating with world-leading producers, we have access to innovative products and their know-how. Our efficient organization, the knowledge of the local market and the extensive dealer network, ensure a customer-friendly and attractively priced offer.

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We're Nutriprof

Nutriprof is an independent company that has been helping livestock farmers improve the performance of their animals for 40 years. From the modern production facility in Villers-le-Bouillet, Belgium, we produce minerals, salt punners and liquid supplements. Together with our 150 dealers, we also distribute our Math's minerals, base mixes, calf milk substitutes and specialties to farmers in animal husbandry.

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Nutriprof takes over the company and becomes an independent company again
Provimi is taken over by Cargill
Provimi integrates the company into its West European activities and the name is changed to Provimi Belgium S.A.
Protector moves from Gives naar Villers-Le-Bouillet to the other side of the rivier Maas
Provimi takes over the company that has now been given the name Protector
Comptoir de Gives close to Huy, Belgium is founded

Behind the scenes of Nutriprof ...

... a team of experienced and committed employees with a passion for animal nutrition works together on the entire process of developing, producing and supplying our products. Quality, convenience and attractive prices are central here.

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